I have the luxury of not being a “real” photographer; I’m a hobby photographer who can fairly be called obsessed with film and old cameras. Since I don’t make a living at it, I'm free to take whatever pictures I like, and, as it turns out, what I like is to find things and places that you wouldn’t normally think of as interesting or beautiful, then take simple, straightforward photos of them that reveal them to be just that. Very often that’s a freeway barrier raked by winter sunlight, or a blue door surrounded by rusted corrugated steel. I find great pleasure in matching a particular film and camera to a particular subject matter, pointing the camera at the chosen subject, and composing a rectangle that makes sense to me. When things work as I’d hoped, the results make me very happy.

Square photos are taken with either a Rolleiflex 2.8C or Rolleiflex 3.5B. 3x4 pictures are from a Mamiya 645. 2x3 35mm shots could be from a Nikon F or FE, Contax iia, Olympus OM2n, Rollei 35S, or Olympus XA. The few digital shots are from my FujiFilm X100f, which is an absolutely wonderful camera, but I just prefer the look of film.

I process and scan my own black and white, and send my color stuff to the HIGHLY recommended FastFoto in Bloomington, MN.

There’s no particular reason I assembled this website, other than a desire to share what I think are my best pictures with anyone who may like to look at them. Almost all of them have already appeared on my Instagram feed, but I wanted a chance to select my favorites and group them in a less-random way. If you'd like a print of any of these pictures, or anything from my IG feed, I'd be thrilled to set you up.

Hope you like the work,


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